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Wish Promo Code September 2018 w/ Free Shipping

Wish Promo Codes For Existing Customers

Latest Wish Promo Codes For Existing Customers and New Users. Wish is Fastest Growing Online Shopping site. Let’s start saving money with Promo Codes. Take Working Wish Shopping Made Fun Promo Codes For Wish Free Shipping and Wish Promo Code For Existing Users/Customers 2018. Today’s live and best Wish Promo Code September 2018.

Most of all Promo Code for Wish Shopping is Live and Working Fine. The Latest Coupon Codes can give 10-50% discount. Maybe Free Shipping Coupon Codes are on the list given below. We share/updates daily new & verified Promo Code For Wish.

Wish Promo Codes For Existing Customers

It is Very-Very Difficult to find out Working Wish Promo Codes For Existing Customers. However, We have 2-3 working existing customers Promo code. And endless Promo Codes For Wish new users.

Here is 2 working Wish Promo Codes For Existing Customers

  • Wish Promo Codes For Existing Customers –  HTSFVSH / BIRTHDAYWISH
  • Wish Promo Codes For Existing Customers – NEW10

Above Two are Best Voucher Codes For Existing Customers. || And Working Wish Promo Code September 2018

Promo Code for Wish

Refer and Earn Free $20 as Wish Cash.

Login App Daily And Get ”Daily Login Bonus” (Earn up to 50% OFF)

Earn Points and Redeem as Rewards (5%OFF/10%OFF/15%OFF)

Refer And Earn  50% off on your next purchase

  • Most recent app update features an offer.
  • Where you can get up to 50% off your next purchase.
  • For yourself and your friend when you invite them to join the Wish shopping community.
  • There is also an open offer where you can buy with other shoppers to get your items at even lower prices.
  • And there’s the bundle offer where you save big on your purchases by buying multiple products at the same time.
  • First of all, Download and refer.

Wish Promo Code 2018Htsfvsh (Not For Existing Customers)

Wish’s eCommerce platform provides its users with millions of products. With deep discounts that are easily accessible via Wish App. Enjoy shopping with their best price products. Now, online shopping is much simpler and easier with great prices and fast shipping services. Wish.com is currently the sixth largest eCommerce company in the world. This eCommerce giant is Very much popular in –

  • Réunion
  • Martinique
  • Guadeloupe
  • Region
  • France
  • United States
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • New Zealand
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • Canada

From the Wish App Promo Code to the Wish Free Shipping Code and the numerous other Promo codes for Wish. You can grab yourself a huge discount. For your purchases made using the codes. You will be absolutely amazed at the personalized catalog of millions of products available on sale.

We always want our Users to be fully satisfied with their purchase of Wish. So we Share the Wish coupon codes, the Wish free shipping codes, the upcoming Wish Promo Code 2018, and several other Wish promo codes. Include special offers and gift cards for items you like. Wish items are at an unbelievable 60-90% off from retail prices!

What is Wish Promo Code 2018?

The Wish promo codes allow you to start shopping for a smarter and more rewarding way. We also make shopping fun and exciting. With the Wish App Promo Codes, which currently has over 10 million downloads worldwide, you can wish for things you love and want. There are multitudes of selections to choose from and the app. Helps to connect you with thousands of merchants and brands on your Wishlists.

Wish Promo Codes for Existing Customers August 2018

It has been fully redesigned to become more easily navigable. It also has a user-friendly interface. With eye-catching and high-quality images. And a secure and easy checkout. It makes it easy for you to shop fashion, footwear, jewelry, Indie and unbranded makeup, coveted kids toys, affordable electronics, life hacking kitchen gadgets, Pinterest-worthy home décor and much more directly from the makers! It is Very difficult to find out  Wish Promo Codes for existing customers but we always try our best. Take advantage of the numerous discounts Codes available on our website. Use codes for your better Wish shopping Made Fun Promo Code. Save your precious money now by using Wish Promo Codes 2018.

Wish APP Review

Wish also uses a cool, new AI technology. To find products that are just right for you. And to help filter out the unneeded ones. As soon as you register on the platform, your details and preferences are saved automatically on the system. And the more you use Wish, the better we get at showing you those things that you’ll love. You also discover incredible new items and lots of interesting deals on Wish. Shopping has never been made so easy!

Customers can rely on the return policy. Which comes with our 5-Star Guarantee. That emphasizes commitment to providing customers. With the most delightful shopping experience possible. Have a fully qualified and highly experienced customer service team. That is always available and happy to assist with any questions you may have. If for any reason you need to request a refund, please contact Wish Customer Support Team within 30 days of delivery.

You can contact at the following address:
San Francisco, CA
Customer Support number:

You can also reach us via our Facebook page here: Wish Promo Code September 2018 Check this official Facebook fan page if you need more info. We are not the official team we are just community for wish Promo Codes For Existing Users.

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  1. I would like to get the free shipping promo code this my first time ordering

    1. Bonjour Voici mon code kcfvhnx – 50%

    2. djfkjjs this will give you 50 % off and free shiping

    3. hdnqmfm 50% off

    4. Dont bother wasting your time like i did on trying any codes from this site because this whole fake website and theyre dumbass nonworking code are to put it plain……BUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLSHIIIIIT!!!!!

      1. Grrrrr

      2. Ok thanks fag

      3. It works only if you are on the mobile app.

    5. forget it i been trying for days no promo codes work its a scam. your 1 st order suppose to be free shipp ing what bullshit, no number to call either scam scam scam
      i try 100 promo codes none of them work

  2. Existing Users Codes:


    Up to 50% off for new users (first time order)- jhlknvz

    1. Amazing thank you!

  3. Free shipping code for existing customers?

  4. Give us loyal customers a free shipping code but have it so u can only use it once a month n a maximum of $50 free shipping cost

  5. khgtkqx 50% Off

  6. I would like to receive a code for free shipping on my first order. Thank you

    1. hvjwthp

      The above code will get you the 50% off your first order!

    2. Did you get a code for free shipping? I’m looking too

      1. hfflhjg
        That code will get you 50%off your order if you’re new to Wish.

  7. I would like the current promo codes for wish, please and thanks!

  8. This codes dont works

  9. I.did order those little beds om the 15 he nov payed for with ideal NL59ABNA0626226163 48.,EROS wehn wil those beds be de liverd.

  10. kjfdjyz 50% referral…. Use this when u set up account amd at checkout and we both get 50% off!!!💥😀😎😁💥💥

    1. I’m a first timer with a pretty big order. I’d love free shipping, or a larger discount. Everything I have tried here gives me at most 25% off — but that’s capped at $20! So really only maximized for an order of $80…

      Does anyone have a free shipping code, or one that has a cap above $20?

      1. hnvnycd 50% off

  11. I am a new member and I typed in the wrong promo code for new members. I would like to continue shopping.

  12. jfrwrsj

    15-95% discount PLUS possible free express shipping !! Directly from Wish Support Team! Thank you for your first purchase on wish. Wish has your back 100%

    1. No they don’t.

      1. They work i used 3 so far

    2. Why don’t existing users that spend lots of money not get some kind of discount?

  13. Hi
    I want to place my first order. Can you offer free shipping and 50% off?

    1. Here you go. Try this: kjkwqnh

      Nobody has used it as of today

  14. Please apply my promo code SIMMONS Ringerfl Ringernba and cybermonday

  15. I have a huge order and I need a promo code for free shipping. Can anyone help me? I can’t pay 186.00 shipping. Thank you!

    1. kplrgvt

    2. hvjwthp

  16. Cindy – dglnwqj

  17. Any luck on free shipping code?

  18. Can I please get a promo code for my first order..

  19. Hi I would love to get a promo code for free shipping and one for discounts. This is my first time using Wish. Thanks a bunch!

  20. hdnqmfm 50% off

  21. I would be more inclined to buy more but a bonus on shipping or other would be great. I’ve tried so many codes and nothing ever works.

  22. Can I have a promo code please

  23. I have a huge order and need a free shipping promo code please and thanks this is my first ordet

  24. My shipping is more than my order and if i enter a discount code, it only gives me a maximum of $20 off, i need a free shipping code for a $150 SHIPPING ON A $75 Order

  25. I need a free shipping code. Can anyone help?

  26. This I my 3rd order with wish. Can’t get any codes to work. Could you please send any promo codes that are valid?
    Thank you!

  27. How can I get a good promo code? Every one I use will only take my order down to 94.00$ total with shipping is 101.00 where is the savings? Getting a bit disappointed with wish.😢

  28. I would like to order but the shipping comes to £170 plus. Please send me free shipping code for my first order. Thanks

    1. Did u ever receive your code?

  29. CapSpace

  30. I have never placed an order before but would place a huge order if I could get free shipping

  31. Hello I would like to get a discount on my shipping because it’s just to much and I need it to go down a little bit so that I can make my purchases thank you

  32. 🌟🌟🌟jnmbpds is my code for you for 50%🌟🌟🌟 both of us will get 50% off of everything☺️

  33. I am getting ready to place an order in cute and home and on the main wish ..is there any way to combine all three and get the 97% plus free shipping for first-time customers please and thank you …I didn’t know you had a refer a friend I have three ppl who said I should be a semester \ spokesperson for wish ..I was promoting before even my first purchase. Please I’m limited in income can I get the 97%+ free shipping

  34. I have a huge order and I need a promo code for free shipping. Can anyone help me? I can’t pay 120.00 shipping. Thank you!

  35. Help I need cods

  36. hqwwcpq use this code for 50% off your purchase

  37. Happy New Years directly from the Wish.com support management team

    jrxhmvl .jrxhmvl jrxhmvl jrxhmvl

    As a heartfelt thank you from our company and team, we are giving up to 95% off entire order and free expedited shipping for the entire order! You have our gratitude and we have your back 100% for every purchase

    *Wish.com Support Chief Executive *

  38. 95% discount , and expidited shipping all items any cost.
    Happy New Years directly from the Wish.com support management team


    As a heartfelt thank you from our company and team, we are giving up to 95% off entire order and free expidited shipping for entire order ! You have our gratitude and we have your back 100% for every purchase

    *Wish.com Support Chief Executive *

    1. Is there a free shipping promo today?

  39. Hnsrvnl first time user code!

  40. I need a free shipping code for existing users….

  41. hywckdq

  42. 50% discount – jlzzjjk
    Get Upto 50 percent discount on your first order

  43. Could I have a code please?

  44. Where in heaven’s name do you get these ‘mysterious & near-nonexistent’ free/discounted shipping promo codes for existing customers???

  45. hvjwthp <— use this code to receive 50% off first purchase RIGHT NOW

  46. What is the promo code for free shipping? My first time ordering.

  47. Why are there not any 2018 codes????

  48. I would like a free shipping code!

  49. I would like a free shipping promo code this is my first time ordering

    1. Please , Use Mine ✨💯✍️💯✨

      ✨💯 jlmmkgh 💯✨

      Have Fun Shopping On Wish📬📦💖

  50. Free shipping code please

  51. I made my first purchase on Wednesday and had no idea there were first time order promo codes and now I can’t use one for my second purchase. Smh!!

  52. Any codes for existing customers?

  53. A break on shipping multiple items would help a LOT!

  54. First order promo codes:
    WISH promo code: kbwkhnx
    CUTE.wish promo code: kbzmvqs
    GEEK.wish promo code: kcfdsdr
    HOME.wish promo code: kltgmkg
    MAMA.wish promo code: ksfqmjd

  55. I would like free shipping code cause I’m getting maried and I have ordered sooooo many things earlier and I still have to order a huge cart of stuff. Everything is ready but shipping is too expensive for all of this.. 🙁
    thank you <3

    1. hnvnycd 50% off

  56. Is there a free shipping code or 50% off for existing members please, times are a little tough right now after christmas and anything would help. for the website some of us cant afford phones that have apps.

  57. Can I pls get shipping free it’s my first order

  58. New customer get off 50% with code jktlwfl

  59. Any way to get promo codes for free ship for existing customers?

  60. kqwxcgp First order lads go for it I need my 50%off as well 😂😂😂👽👾👻💀

  61. Hi i only get to know WISH on feb 18. Don’t know anything about promo code. i never received anything for my first time promo code? Free shipping code, please.

  62. March 2018 code LKYXFJL for 50% OFF

  63. Wish. You guys need to get your shit together. Thee are people that can’t afford high shipping cost. The whole reason they go to wish is to save money. Does anyone have a shipping code that works.

  64. I need promo codes for wish I’m on disability and I could use the help saving some money thank you.

  65. lnyrbdv 1st time user 50% off code

  66. I have tried all the codes for existing members and NONE of them work. What the heck? What a joke.

  67. my code lrxyjwj for 50%

  68. I am an existing user and plan on placing a large order tomorrow. May I have a free shipping code and 50% off code? Thanks

  69. First time ordering like to get code for shipping discount keep saying total of $26 off any help please

    1. I am an existing user and plan on placing a large order tomorrow. May I have a free shipping code and 50% off code? Thanks, an6 working ones would be very helpful

    2. Are your prob solve? Coz i have same prob.

  70. Can I get a code for free shipping, PLEASE?😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    1. hwmvjlm should do it.

  71. All these so-called PROMO codes (first timers, existing, referral, blah blah blah) are anything but and certainly not worth the time it takes to figure out just how and what codes and when will “50%” code work. It’s just false advertisement, it is no way near 50% off, although that is what they advertise, since when is 50% off of 130 equal to $20?? Well, it’s bogus, Wish.com will only grant up to $20.00, no more than that, no matter how much your order is. The brilliant mathematicians at Wish.com seem to think 50% is the same as up to (and no more than) $20.00, that’s right $20.00, no more than that. Why would I continue thru to checkout with an order of over $130, if 50% off is considered up to $20 at Wish.com? Even that wiggling “slide here to check out” box was just annoying me further.

    My first experience with Wish.com was a great lesson, I do not need to be shopping on this site, of all the hundreds of options available, this is not one. I don’t need to deal with the lack of integrity, dishonest and false practices that I’ve witnessed, I don’t need to have such suspicion over the Wish.com group. Online shoppers are a savvy, experience group…we enjoy the convenience and ease of online shopping.

    I have no problem sticking with what I know and the reputation created by so many other honest, companies who pride themselves on integrity and customer service.

  72. i am a long time user and i would like a free shipping code anfd a 50% off coupon please ☺🤗☺

  73. i am a long time user and i would like a free shipping code and a 50% off coupon please ☺🤗☺

  74. Shipping discount code for Existing repeat customer? Thanks

  75. I am a new customer this is my first time ordering. My order is extremely large over $300 is there a code for free shipping?

    1. lydyldb

  76. New costumers code 50%

  77. First order 50% code: lpqmdwc

  78. None of your codes work. So false advertising and very disappointing.

  79. Why do you have a phone number if you don’t answer it?

  80. I have tried all these codes and none of them work or say for new customers only. It makes me mad because I never got a code when I first started buying from them for anything nor did I for downloading the app, complete bs. I just order quite a few things from them and of course the shipping is what cost me the most and I have a bunch of things in my basket now and the shipping is $1 less them my order. I think I should get a code for free shipping otherwise I will just go buy it elsewhere, after all would be paying about the same price after shipping anyways and wouldn’t have to wait. Extremely frustrated customer..

  81. I had no idea first time users could get a discount. So I missed out. I ordered today as a first time customer. I saw something I wanted now. Ugh
    Since it’s my first day using the site.
    Can I get a code? 🙁

  82. Can I get a promo code for free shipping. This is my second order. Thanks.

  83. This is my first time ordering and happens to be for my first grandchild, I could really use a discount promo code, but most of all a free shipping code!!!!! My shipping price is almost the same as order!!! Please HELP and THANK YOU

  84. Why isn’t there a code for shipping discounts on orders more than $100? This is crap. Most of the time when I order something it’s the wrong size anyway. The only reason I would buy these poorly made products is to save some money, but when shipping is the same a product price and each time- like if I buy four of the same thing why do I have to pay indidbidial shipping??! What a joke. It’s been fun wish- I think it’s time I look elsewhere until something changes. I know I have spent at least a couple hundred bucks every year with wish. And no reward.

  85. First time buyers can get up to 50% of with code hpshjwj

  86. Codes for existing Customers March 2018 – an update? Thanks guys

    1. Up to 50% off
      Code: lykmsnl

  87. Promo code for existing customers plewse

  88. I’ve tried every promo code for existing customers. None of them work. I don’t like doing business with people who won’t do what they advertise. Free shipping? What a joke. When my shipping costs as much or more than my order, it’s time to shop elsewhere. I just deleted my order. Enough time wasted on these people. Hope this is a heads-up for new people to this sight. If it sounds to good to be true…

  89. jhvplkc

    Take a 50% off!

  90. Why is it so difficult to find a promo code that works for existing custermers?
    Any March codes I have tried do not work. Very frustrating

  91. I need a code order all the time my shipping is more than my order

  92. I have been looking for promo codes, for discounts on wish orders. Free shipping or even half off shipping would be wonderful

  93. Please update free shipping for exsisting customers. I had free shipping yesterday, and today when I went to order all my stuff in my cart, it won’t let me have free shipping any longer.

  94. I want to make order for first time. But shipping charge very heavy. Can help me or any promo code for free shipping? I am from India

  95. May I please have a code as it is my first time buying and I am currently using the website. I am based in South Africa

  96. i have never orderd before and the app is not recognizing my first order code for discount! This is not a good first impression!

  97. You this code and get 50% off .
    My partner just got her 50% off .
    But make sure to use mobile app . Not a disktop ..no code are usuable on web version


  98. I am using wish for last 6 years .
    I really think i deserve a free shipping code + 50% off code . Please 😍

  99. As of March 20, 2018

    Up to 50% off
    Code: lykmsnl
    Use on the Mobile App Only

  100. I would order more items it the shipping did not cost as much as what I am ordering. terrible trying to find free shipping coupon codes. you get the run around and then still do not get much off. I am trying to order items to put in a car show raffle baskets . the money will go to a local charity in our town.

  101. shipping kills you

  102. Am existing customer. Need code for shipping discount as it accumulate to more than 100 now

  103. hfcnkkc 50% off

  104. reverse lookup cell phone free christian louboutin shoes you are ffbeakddeegg

  105. The shipping is ridiculous!

  106. I received notice that I have FREE shipping for anything over $25 and $5 flat for under. So I am shopping away. Wish it was a code I could share, but its not. I havent’ seen this before so I dont know why I was the lucky one to get it….

  107. WISH promo code: JSLYFXF
    CUTE.wish promo code: KLPCPCV
    GEEK.wish promo code: JVLWMBM

  108. Hi
    1st time user can I have a promo code for free postage please & thank you.

  109. Werken niet, allemaal geprobeerd…..

  110. I am a first time buyer, and I cannot find a free shipping coupon. Can someone help me please, my shipping bill is nearly the same as my purchase cost?????

  111. jqqclfb 50% off plss

  112. mkndrbp for 50% off on your first time purchase , thanks

  113. love this site need a code if anyone has one

    1. My code is for new customers jtbkcft get 50 percent off

  114. Mother’s Day is coming and I can always use help buying stuff and things! Use my coupon code and get anywhere from 10%-50% off your first order! When you use my coupon code (it’s at the end of this here paragraph), I’ll get a coupon code too! It’s also my nieces birthday soon and it’ll be a huge help with the gifts if you use my code.

    Here’s the code:


    Thanks guys.

  115. I have placed a couple orders with Wish and was planning on placing another until…
    The shipping charges are 4 times the amount of the item charges!!!!??? And I have tried at least 100+ “promo codes” and “free shipping for existing customers codes” with absolutely zero success on ANY of them working??? WTF Wish.com??? If you want repeat business you should at the very least take care of your existing customers, so they continue to be existing customers!!! I went to place a rather sizable order and could not find ONE SINGLE DISCOUNT OR FREE SHIPPING CODE THAT WORKED???? After spending considerable time choosing items, it was ultimately a complete waste of my time as I am not about to spend almost $300.00 in shipping costs!!!
    Thanks a lot Wish!

  116. Need a code for an exciting customer for free shipping

  117. Any help for new user would be appreciated

    1. Mines promocode works. jtbkcft get up to 50 percent off on first purchase

  118. I have not found any promo codes that work. Have been trying way to long

    1. Mines work jtbkcft get up to 50 percent off on first purchase

  119. Site sucks… promo codes don’t work. I’m going back to amazon …

  120. ltnybjm

  121. I am new to Wish and have just entered code Hfsfvsh for free shipping but didn’t work gave me 20% off order! Rubbish site, won’t be ordering, discount jot worth it when shipping costs more than items in basket!

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